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Fair Play
"What a life, eh?" Ned laughs, stretching his arms above his head. Which isn't that far, since he's a Chespin, but he makes an effort. "Whole underground war going on, and here we are playing dodgeball. And getting humanizing rings if we win finals - which we will, fourth year in a row - and getting holidays. And getting paid. Bet you can't wait for the next shoe-shopping trip, ehhhhhh Sabby?"
"I guess," I say absent-mindedly. As unofficial team captain after a certain lazy Chespin decided he 'didn't feel like strategizing so often', it's my job to worry about the lineup, the positioning, the upcoming games. To plan our every move, and what with that certain... replacement player Coach Colton told me was on the way, I have a lot of extra planning to do. My glass eye helps - the plans appear in front of my snout as soon as I think of them - but I still have to concentrate to use the nanotronics, and Ned's yammering isn't helping.
Next match = Wayward
:iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 2 1
Ruff Day
"The first week went well, I take it?" Alice asked. But then the taxi pulled away. Slid on the gravel, left a cloud of dust that made her cough and Gary offer his sleeve. Moment where Alice could pretend she was a caring girlfriend, or at least something other than tired: ruined.
Oh well. She didn't bother to struggle with her luggage, just dumped a suitcase at his feet and staggered for the door, handbag in hand. No time to admire the new property. All she wanted to do was collapse in the nearest four-poster bed and sleep off the immense jetlag. The nice travelling brochure for London sure hadn't warned her about this.
No point in looking at what they'd bought, either. She'd seen more than enough pictures, and could practically recite the agency's spiel: Gorgeous Italian-styled villa, eight bedrooms, a sprawling vineyard. All in the middle of Margaret River, where the land was fertile and the land was cheap. Just hire a few servants, and it would be e
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666 - lassie (#1)
A/N: This contains sound! Treat each new sound-file as a new section of the fic. Transcripts are there if you can't listen to the sound for whatever reason.
(Transcript #1)
"by airlocks. And so, Eleuthera Base does not flood."
The portly Arcanine's breaths came in short gasps, and she flopped onto the first empty mat she saw. 
Late! Late!
It didn't matter that the lecturer - a special guest, too! - hadn't noticed. To Lassie, wobbling into the back of the hall in such a state was punishment enough. Surely everyone had to notice she was horribly exhausted, shaken, and late as well - the things being seen like this would do to her reputation! With an effort, she lifted her head, looking about to confirm every eye was on her. 
"This is also why transport in and out of the base is very limited."
Of course, no-one was paying Lassie much attention. Most had their backs to her, after
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666 - f (#1)
I have another question.
I have forgotten it.
It is okay.
I will try to remember.
Something… oh.
The banner.
What to print on it? The human checks the brochure, and after some rifling past the tiki tours and the local cuisine, makes a derisive noise.  Eleuthera High: The Absolute Worst Name for Anything Under Sixteen Feet of Water. (Can’t believe I even thought of it goes through its head, but no, it knows that this was all its idea. One of the few things it does know curious…
…at any rate, it will definitely have to get that thing printed in fancy font and gilt letters, just to make everyone feel a little better about the name. Maybe even Eleuthera High Opening. Nice ring to that, implies a little celebration, a ribbon and scissors – anything to help it believe this is something with a point to it. While it may not be entirely sure as to what the point of th
:iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 1 4
oh my god it's a character meme [Kokoro]
When I was making the various protagonists in 666, one of the things I did was fill out a lot of was character memes! Comparing their answers to the same questions helped me to figure out how to make each of them fairly unique, and of course the interaction/spin the bottle ones helped those many, many scenes where they interact with each other. I thought it would be fun to post a few of the more recent memes I filled out, since we're just getting to meet the cast now after 3-4 years of development hell - I'll probably post some of the commissions and silly old stuff I wrote about them at some point, if anyone's interested in that, but for now, memes.
Sooooo, here's the blank meme! All of these answers are about my first-revealed protag, of course. Some questions are missing or have one or two names [redacted], either because the answers were bad/fairly OOC in hindsight, were real
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666 - xXthefangirlXx(#1)
6th June, 2016
Six in the morning, and you’re in the weird part of Youtube again. Four tabs open, muted so that you can flip past the ads on three while you're watching your 'content' - read, cringe - on one. You close a tab, jump at a silent scream, and half an assignment joins half an eaten apple on the carpet. Tell yourself that it's a regular Monday night, and forget about the Anniversary.
Oh, whoops. Didn't want to think about that, did you? Guess that counsellor hasn't been doing such a great job after all- no, do go on, don't start thinking about that little secret of mine - I know you haven't met him yet, but you can always blame a counsellor. Sure, the latest guy sounded mild-mannered over the phone, and he told you he'd do his best to help - but I can tell you that when you're not looking, he melts all over, he seeps into every crack and crevice of his own carpet, he pools in your footprints and he plans to m
:iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 3 10
free character cameos, whoa [No, Really]
I have a shiny new Pokeumans story that the Skype chat has been pestered about near-constantly, sorry guys! I was wondering if anyone might be interested in some cameos in that, so here we are.
:bulletblue: A cameo is when your character gets to feature in someone else's story - in this case, mine. Cameos are often done as trades between people, but in this case, there is no trade. You will be credited in the story's description for any and all chapters your character appears, so this is pretty much free publicity/fic feat. your characters.
:bulletgreen: All cameos will take place in a virtual sim. Pokeuman, Pokextinctionist, and regular human characters are all completely fine to enter it, and can enter from anywhere. It is advertised as a game in bases and an underground drug or alternative therapy in the regular human world; bear this
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the door guy [contest entry, part 2]
smiles when they break his precious door. He smiles when they sit down. He smiles when they leave. He smiles when the human sneaks back in there, trying to pat him down for a keycard and an instruction manual for the door, before his unwanted partner comes romping after him and demands to know if he's found any clues yet. 
Going off the smell, the door guy had been smiling long before they got to the office. He'll be smiling well into eternity, too.
It'd be almost funny to them, if he wasn't the door guy. No-one thought you could even starve a Banette, but thie door guy - and more specifically, his massive collection of Pikachu cards (seriously, it looks like there might be more than a hundred different Pikachu pictures right there) - managed just fine.
What was he like? What was going through his head when he decided to lock himself in with cardboard and nothing more? Was he, too, obsessed with two-dimensional 'Special Friends'? W
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GAAAAYY 2.0 (overhauled contest entry feat. death)
"See? It says right here! A-dick-shon... Heh. Dick.
The Absol jabs at the screen, then inches from my face. Claws come way too close for comfort, and I flinch back. Universal body language for 'would you mind caring about me for two seconds, I am a soft and squishy human being'. Sadly, my kidnapper doesn't take the hint, prattling on and on about things he can't possibly hope to halt. "No, really. I'm serious, dude! Look! It's, like, a recognised disease and stuff!"
Translation: Christ, must be one of those godawful 'pure' Pokemon. Just my luck.

Fluffy paws wave this way and that. There's little urgency thanks to the whole Quadruped Problem, and his back legs admittedly fly out of the wheelie chair somewhere in the middle of the attempt, but - hey, at least he tried. Like, good job. Have a cookie, buddy. And maybe tell me your name while you're at it, because I forgot. Or, I
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ohhhhhh... who is she by spoonerdog123 ohhhhhh... who is she :iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 3 10 Winston by spoonerdog123 Winston :iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 2 18 Toca by spoonerdog123 Toca :iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 1 10
[FR Comm] sick.
Another long, shrill shriek cuts through the desert air. Alfie cringes.
Stormweaver above! Just whose bright idea was it to invent this 'amplifier' thing?!?
Now, it’s not like he hates all music ever, but this... Put bluntly, there was a damned good reason why they'd decided to hold this 'event' out in the middle of the dry and cracked Shifting Expanse, a couple of days' flight from anywhere worth anything. The committee hadn't been able to hold it anywhere else; even the Beastclans objected, and every dragon within a six-kilometre radius of the event seemed to agree. Back when he'd decided to go, Alfie had figured it was just old, uncool individuals overreacting to the idea that young dragons could actually have fun sometimes. 
But no, every last musician at this 'punk' festival has managed to sound like some infernal animal in a horrible amount of pain. Alfie almost laughed, when he first heard it, thinking it was jus
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[FR Comm] reason to repent
reason to repent.
There they were, just him and her - together, now that the gawking crowds of the Auction House had gone, and the still, silent night pressed in around them. It seemed to suffocate, something trying to choke words from Alfie's jaws, but she looked to be completely unaffected. She lay right there under the moonlight, putting the night to shame with a display of complete silence; her blue scales still as the water on a lake. Alfie didn't know much about colour theory, but the vibrant, shimmering colours certainly contrasted with the puddle of thick, dark red stuff she lay in. 
You know, since she was dead and all.
Alfie stared down at the corpse, which thankfully for his sanity, did not stare back. It had been several hours since she'd been found, but he'd only just arrived at the scene. In part because of the distance between this death and the last; in a far larger part because he had no wish to go and stare at another death he had
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wip I guess by spoonerdog123
Mature content
wip I guess :iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 1 1
like your life depends on it!
And you will listen to me, read me,
because I know more than you do,
don't listen to Yamazaki, or Kitagawa,
and especially not Nikko - I'm great at writing,
also I'm a LucarIO POKEUMAN,
-cute sweetie, adorable n00b?
It's not working. Her poetry isn't working, it isn't inspirational enough. It's not going to inspire anyone to worship h- start writing, that's it. No-one's writing these days, not in her name. Not that she could be doing anything wrong - it's the stupid parents, making a racket upstairs. Stupid younger sister, sobbing about something unimportant. Stupid smoke, tickling; stupid voices, stupid screaming, stupid walls caving so very inconveniently. The connection flutters with the thumping, and combined with all the rest, it's enough to test the patience of even Snakejaw McAwe
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Horrible event this Australia Day... my thoughts are undoubtedly with the families of those piloting the plane which went down in my city's river. Cannot even begin to imagine what they must be going through.…

Fanfic/OC Commissions

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2016, 1:12 AM
I don't normally open these officially, but I really need a Landwell reed knife to make my reeds with! So... You get to buy commissions, I get to buy a knife.


:star: These are writing-only. While I'm very flexible with formatting, perspective, and genre, I do not write poems.

:sun: My rate is 100 words = $2 = 200 :points:. I can't accept money payment if it isn't over Paypal, sorry!

:star: I will charge more for:

:bulletred: Very complex commissions (lots of characters, multi-part fics)
:bulletred: NSFW content (sex, tons of gore, fetishes of any kind, including TF)
:bulletred: Ghostwriting commissions, or otherwise commissions that I'm not allowed to put up in public
:bulletred: Fanfic for fandoms I'm not at all familiar with (or just OCs with an entire series of backstory). See here for a list of what I'm really familiar with.

:sun: I may charge less for:

:bulletgreen: Bulk orders
:bulletgreen: Very open or vague commissions ('write whatever about this character')
:bulletgreen: Content for fandoms I'm in love with - currently applies to Super Dangan Ronpa 2 and Yu-Gi-Oh (first series only).
:bulletgreen: Pieces that involve my own characters.

:star: Completion rates vary with exam positionings/word lengths/etc, but I usually take about 1-2 weeks. If you need me to work to a rushed deadline, I may be able to do that, but the price will jump higher.

:sun: I like to discuss content with my commissioners over Skype. If you don't have Skype, we can do it over notes, but do let me know~

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