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Vector Art/Turnaround- Simple BG
Esper (MM Week) by Esper-Roba Ibuki's Waltz by spoonerdog123- vector art (the first one is from one of my RP accounts)
Ibuki (Turnaround) by spoonerdog123 - turnaround

You will need to supply a reference of the character/s for this commission, which will be drawn with Illustrator CS5. Price goes up by 10 points for each extra character in the art or view in the turnaround, and will go higher if you want more characters in the vector art/characters with insanely complex designs to them. If you're going to commission - note me before you click that button, so we can organize things.
Fanfic - One-Shot
Invisible ManFandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
Reasoning: Tradefic for Ria–Pia.
Handicap/Requirement: Fic needs to start with the line: 'He had to say goodbye'. And an extra requirement, because this one was just way too good to pass up – after the initial sentence, the paragraphs get shorter and shorter, until there's just one word left.
Ships: None. Thiefshipping and Angstshipping may be implied, but only if you're into those ships; romance is not mentioned anywhere.
Length: 1250 words. Another thing – the number before each paragraph is actually a measurement of how many words are in that paragraph.
Warnings: None, aside from maybe the line breaks...
He had to say goodbye–
–and that desire wasn't just a want, it was a need; and slowly destroying Marik Ishtar from the inside out. He had to say goodbye, c
Pacifier (Spitting the Dummy)Summary: He'd never felt for his host; it was merely his choice instrument of destruction, after all. But when it started hurting itself, he decided that perhaps his being recognized as a monster was bad for the host's health. Something had to be done...
Tendershipping - aimed to be flipped into something cute and bigbro/littlebro – style by the end.
Warnings: Some violence and blood at the start.
The whole bigbro/littlebro thing was inspired by the piece of artwork that is the fic's cover; 'A sunny afternoon - Yami Bakura and little Ryou' by at yourdreams. Never done that sort of relationship in Tender before, wanted to see if I could run it without giving 'Kura an extra body or anything like that.
It is dying, the host.
He can only watch in shocked silence, as the nine year old staggers about its tiny bedroom as though drunk, though the plastic hilt protr

The Bathtime IncidentDisclaimer: Don't own YGO.
Qualifier Requirements: Must concern any or all of the Bakuras (Ryou/Yami Bakura/TKB/Zorc *seeing as Yami Bakura is apparently Zorc*), must involve bathtime.
Author Handicap: Must be run serious - can one create a dark bathtime-oriented fic?
Reviews/Comments: Concrit and praise are much loved. Unintelligent flaming is not. Since the contest isn't yet over, I'd be pleased to get some feedback on this, see if I can revise it a little before the due date.
Warnings: None.
The Bathtime Incident
The rain poured down on the ten–year–old, currently struggling soggily down the road with school bag dragging. His normally immaculate clothes were muddied and weighed down, head hanging as he beheld his once–white sneakers before him, stained with dirt. In short, he was absolutely filthy, battered and exhausted, having ru
We Need a Doctor Over HereTrade with Djpunupipi, put up here due to FFDotNet being a pain.
Disclaimer: Don't own YGO - or Doctor Who, or anything else referenced in the piece.
Warnings: Thief King Bakura is sporting his manga personality, not his anime personality. This personality is near–identical to Yami Bakura's own personality, so please bear that in mind. As for other warnings... Well, HumanReincarnation!Zorc shows up - I think that's fair warning - and the whole thing is borderline-crackfic.
We Need a Doctor Over Here!
The oversized banners hung limply from the ceiling. They did not, as stated upon the packet, 'flutter gaily in the breeze'. In fact, they were not even moved by the icy draughts that swept the tiny flat on a regular basis. No, they just hung there, as carcasses in a butcher's shop might – enormous banners that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of being bumped

This is the base price for fanfic oneshots; all shippings are fine with me~ Please let me know if you are interested by note, and we will discuss the idea and pricings. Be warned; the price will go up somewhat if you're asking for a very complex plot, a fandom I have no clue about, OCs anywhere, more than four characters, multiple shippings at the same time, and so on.

Oneshots can be anywhere from about 2000 to 6000 words.
Fanfic - Multi-chapter
I have none on this account; please visit the below links for examples:

-… (OC story)
-… (OC story)
-… (Crossover story)

The base pricing is 30 per chapter, and 40 for every chapter after the fifth. Again, this goes up if I have to include OCs, fandoms I don't know about, a very complex plot (and yes, this does mean 'Write a fanfic where all eight of my OCs run in their own dueling tournament), more than four main characters, multiple shippings at the same time, so on and so forth.

Again, note me if you're interested, and we'll work it out~


Everyone Gets Drunk (SDR2 Fic) - Cover by spoonerdog123
Everyone Gets Drunk (SDR2 Fic) - Cover

This is the cover for the SDR2 fanfiction Everyone Gets Drunk! This fic has been running since December 31st, 2013 - it can be found on FF.Net here and Ao3 here. You can find a Tumblr post of the cover here, if you wanna reblog. I might put a version up on dA when Case Three is done, but I'm not sure yet. If you have a question for me or the characters, you can ask it here.

Summary: What if thanks to an accidental time loop, a meddling Koizumi, and a club that didn't go quite as expected, most of the cast was drunk most of the time? Who would kill, who would be killed, and - heck, how would a trial full of drunks even begin to work out?

This fic is an attempt to answer those questions.

(Basically - SDR2 with drunks, and Koizumi knowing what happened in the last loop/the canon. Saionji/Ibuki/Koizumi/Tanaka/Souda and Nagito/Hinata/Nanami shipped. Case One and Case Two have finally come to their conclusions, and Case Three is in progress!)

I have an essay on Monday and an exam coming up very fast, so I'll be kinda scarce for the weekend! Sorry for any delayed responses, if they're delayed it just means I cannot get online.
Jackal Adopt [Auction - CLOSED] by spoonerdog123
Jackal Adopt [Auction - CLOSED]

Created on a whim for BeaversAteMyGrandma's comp, using this kid to test a new format for adopts. It's a technicolour jackal, because I am just that creative. Wow? It's for the first category of the comp, though it could also be used in the second category. 

- If you want a still ref in a larger size, you can find it here.

- If you want a custom OC or adopt in this format, I'll take commissions; note me or comment here and we'll talk pricing. I am currently not sure how much this is worth, so I'll likely want to wait until after offers have ended on this before I give a solid price.

- If you want this particular adopt, if it doesn't win/place in the contest it'll be going on sale. Just make an offer (you can offer now or after the results), and we'll see how we go - results for the contest should be in very soon.

- If no-one's offered/expressed interest in a purchase, and it hasn't placed, this will become a name your price adopt for points or cash.
It won, wahey! He belongs to  BeaversAteMyGrandma now. Thanks for all the offers, though!

Don't like this one? What about this golden retriever? Or this other jackal?
[ANIMATION] Lucario VS Herdier: Trouble (UC) by spoonerdog123
[ANIMATION] Lucario VS Herdier: Trouble (UC)
How the animation was made

UPDATE 1: Fixed a few things, added a shiny new thumbnail.

The filter is there so that the animation will stay in sync and play with the audio when you click on it. It seems to be okay without a filter?

Because I needed to show off how far I've come with animation so far (I've been practicing with commissions for quite a while, but they haven't been uploaded to dA), have this. I completed it over the course of about six hours; most of the work went into Jack's sword-pirouette shiz. I'm calling it an entry for the UC, but it wasn't really intended to be - but then we had a Zoroark show up in the middle of the animation, and I went hey, okay, I can roll with that.

Pokeumans belongs to pokemonmanic3595

Explanation for those of you who don't know what's happening (I forget JAS's age sometimes): Just Another Story is a parody Pokeumans story by yours truly, that ran about a year ago. It featured a Herdier, a Zoroark, and a Lucario, amongst other characters, and repeatedly killing off one of the characters was a recurring gag.  Here, the Mary-Sue Herdier starts fighting the sword-toting Lucario as practice, and there's... well, trouble.

Just Another Story Ch 1: Why Are You Reading This?

And as usual, blah blah I am open for point/cash commissions  blah blah, note me if you want one.

An old animation of Lucario vs Mewtwo 
- just look how far I've come, orz.
- Finally back after being quite sick/getting back from the island.

- YGO RPing over at Yu-Gi-Oh-RP  will be a thing I'll be back into once I've adjusted to my new uni schedule. Kassandra-21, I'll need updates on what's going on with the plots, so note me with 'em.

- I've done a large number of commissions for people on FR, which are currently in my Stash. These will be uploaded properly to dA, but (hopefully) not all at once, so you won't be flooded.

- Speaking of floods, here's a warning that there'll be a flood of chapters for the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 fic Everyone Gets Drunk; it's been successful enough on AO3 to warrant it heading onto both Tumblr and dA - Tumblr will be first hit, dA will be hit if it does well on Tumblr/continues to thrive on AO3.  If you can't wait for the fic, you can see it all here

- It's been a while, but - look out for something AlPendragon and yours truly are putting together - a brand-spanking-new series, no less! The thing in question will be uploaded to my dA in the next week or so.


spoonerdog123's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
The above picture is of Spooner, the dog after which the account was named.

My adopts account is SpoonerdogAdopts (what a surprise!)

My fanfics can be found here: . They're mostly YGO fics... so, yeah. That place is also where all my art trades wind up.

Bit about me: I'm an Aussie gal living somewhere in Australia. I attempt to write Pokeuman stories, even try to draw the odd Pokemon from time to time. I'm a major, major fan of YGO, amongst other things.

I go by many names here on dA - such as Random Stranger, Lassie, Spoon, SD, Zoboe, and of course Spoonerdog. Obviously, none of those are my RL name.
I have an essay on Monday and an exam coming up very fast, so I'll be kinda scarce for the weekend! Sorry for any delayed responses, if they're delayed it just means I cannot get online.


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